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Emerging Market Debt Portfolio Manager Interview Brett Diment, Head of Global Emerging Market and Sovereign Debt discusses Aberdeen’s approach to investing in the asset class.
Reform in India and China: EMD Reforms, whether they target a country’s political, economic or policy structure, happen at their own pace. In China and India, reforms have begun to pave the way for new and increased opportunities.
Reasons Why: Latin American Equities Latin America offers a large and expanding universe of high quality companies. Please read on to hear the reasons why we see potential in the Latin American Equity market for 2018.
Aberdeen’s Economic Outlook Our latest economic outlook offers our views from the latest month.
Mythbusters: So you think you know China? While China’s rise is well known, there are also plenty of misconceptions. Edmund Goh, Investment Manager - Fixed Income Asia, identifies six myths and offers his take on what’s going on.
Emerging market debt: 2018 Outlook Emerging-market debt (EMD) should remain supported by an improving growth outlook, stronger external balances, low inflation risk and the low global interest rate environment in 2018. Please read our outlook to learn more on our long term EMD views.
Emerging markets by the Numbers Despite a volatile external environment, emerging markets have soared this year. A closer look shows that they are benefiting from a cyclical upturn.
Reasons why: Emerging Market Debt Although Emerging Market Debt may be new to some, at Aberdeen we draw upon a long history of investing in the asset class to provide strong expertise and in-depth analysis of the market.
EMD: Time to get Active Our latest whitepaper highlights the strong case for using active managers in emerging-market debt.
The continued case for Japan With Prime Minister Abe assured of another four years in office, momentum is back with Japanese equities. We suggest the real action lies with companies. Here is the basis for Japan’s further transformation.
Small caps by the numbers Our latest infographic offers some facts about smaller companies.
Emerging Markets Equities Portfolio Manager Interview Devan Kaloo, Head of Global Emerging Markets, discusses the current environment for emerging markets equities along with Aberdeen’s market outlook.
Unique possibilities in emerging-markets debt Investors who are willing to go below the surface to search for value and idiosyncratic opportunities need look no further. Emerging-markets debt offers a world of potential.
Japan’s Election Uncertainty Aberdeen’s latest investment insight addresses how the Japanese Yen is coping with election uncertainty. We await the election result with interest.
Frontier Bonds Portfolio Manager Interview Kevin Daly, Senior Investment Manager for EM Debt, discusses Aberdeen’s approach to investing in frontier market bonds.
Indian Bonds Q&A with Donald Amstad Donald Amstad, Head of Aberdeen Asia, discusses the outlook for bonds today and why we believe Indian Bonds are worth an investor’s consideration.
Time for another look at U.S. small caps Is it time to look at small caps? We think so.
Japanese Equities Portfolio Manager Interview Kwok Chern Yeh, Head of Investment Mangement Japan, discusses the outlook for the region post-U.S. election.
India: the Giant Awakens With a long and rich history, India’s roots stretch out through the ages. However, the country has undergone massive changes in recent years. Our latest whitepaper offers a glimpse into India’s past, present, and future.
Going strong, six months on: Asia Pac ex-Japan Equities Flavia Cheong, Head of Equities – Asia Pacific ex Japan identifies some key themes, which in our view, provide the basis for continued confidence in the region.
Infrastructure investing: Limitless opportunities over the long term Taking advantage of all infrastructure has to offer involves a significant amount of research and local knowledge, but for the investor with the patience and acumen to seek truly long-term investments with the potential for growth and diversity, the rewards can be compelling, and the opportunities are limitless.
Reasons why: European high yield We believe the European high-yield bond market is an exciting asset class that will continue to grow. Here are the reasons why European high-yield is worth an investor’s consideration.
Reasons why: Indian Bonds We believe compelling opportunities are abundant in Indian markets. Learn why we are so optimistic on India and get a high-level interview of the economic trends shaping this dynamic country.
Emerging markets: Three reasons to look closer Many emerging nations have experienced dramatic improvements over the past several years. We believe it’s time for investors to look closer at some common concerns and possible misconceptions about this asset class.
Asia Pacific Equities Portfolio Manager Interview Flavia Chong, Head of Asia-Pacific Equities ex-Japan discusses the outlook for the region.
Indian Equities Portfolio Manager Interview Adrian Lim, Senior Investment Manager discusses the compelling investment opportunities of investing in India.
Reasons why: U.S. Small Caps Here are the reasons why U.S. Small Caps is worth an investor’s consideration.